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Image by Dakota Roos

Our Work

Our gaol here in VKG Enterprises is to ensure that our costumers every need is met. There are many routes to your dream project, but not everyone is ready to make your dream a reality. We are here to ensure that you are not left worrying about the what-if's. Entrust us with your project from small to large, from basic to costume. We are masters of Vinyl work but we specialize in all forms of construction projects; framing, painting, fencing, plumbing, electrical and all other forms of remodeling!

White Vinyl 


Here we are able to see the updated fencing all around a happy costumers home. The before wood would constantly need change and painting and patching, with the new clean White Vinyl the costumer needs nothing more than a water hoes to clean his new fence!

White Vinyl


A brand new Vinyl Fence between two neighbors, as well as a nice private side gate and hill side privacy closer. All our Vinyl projects leave our costumers ecstatic and beyond happy with their new Low Maintenance long lasting fence's and gate!


Tan Vinyl 

Im sure you have seen many White Vinyl it being the most common, however, some areas you do not want the white color. White at times can go against your house color, the color scheme of your walls, or simply might not be allowed by your HOA. We have the option for those in need for a nice Smooth Tan/Almond colored fences and gates. Keep the easy maintenance while being able to keep your original color scheme with a brand new gorgeous Tan Vinyl Fence!

1-1/2 x 1-1/2 - Vinyl

Picket Patio Cover

A Vinyl Picket Patio cover is the perfect way to provide some sun shade while out in the patio on a fine summer day! Vinyl Patio covers provide a sleek smooth look while requiring no real maintenance other than a wash down! No Yearly Painting and Priming to ensure longevity! Costume Builds and Options always available!

-Option for a 2x3.5" pickets for wider sun shade

New Milgard 4 Pannel Sliding Glass Doors.

0XX0 Sliding Glass Doors by Milgard to replace old French Doors. The new Look and open lighting brings new life into the living room. Amazing upgrade for any home that needs an increase in natural lighting and even view to your beautiful backyard!

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